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Ten Days That Made the Queen - Princess Diana
This clip and the whole documentary actually rises more questions than it answers, but it sums up quite well for me the effect diana’s death had (and still has) on the queen and the monarchy.
13th Anniversary of Princess Diana [Tribute]
This video is a tribute to mark the 13th anniversary of princess Diana death. Rest in Peace Princess Diana xxx.
Prince William and Princess Diana - I Will Remember You [Tribute Video]
A slide show for Wills, and in memory of his mother, the late, Princess Diana of Wales.
Prince Charles and Princess Diana Wedding [Special Video]
From 1981, ABC News live coverage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana wedding. Peter Jennings and Barbara Walters anchor from London.
Prince Harry shows Princess Diana’s Style in Barbados
Prince Harry charmed his first Official visit to Barbados. Prince Harry shows Style of his mother Princess Diana and won the heart of people of Barbados.
Princess Diana’s early and rare wonderful footage in 1981 [Video]
Wonderful rare footage of Princess Diana in 1981. How fresh and cute is diana in the footage! she so sweet talk and hugging all the kids in the crowd.
Princess Diana comic book “Female Force” released in US
A comic book named “Female Force” based on the Princess Diana has been published in US. The comic presents a glowing image of the Princess Diana as a “a modern British icon” and an “admirable woman”.
Prince Harry to inherit £6.5m from Diana’s estate on his Birthday
Third in line to throne, The Charming, Prince Harry who is celebrating his 25th birthday on 15th September is suppose to inherit £6.5millions from his mother Princess Diana’s estate. However, like Prince William will be prevented from spending the money until he turns 30.
Princess Diana and Michael Jackson [Exclusive Videos]
Here are the Clips of Michael Jackson meets with Princess Diana at Wembly Stadium on his “Bad tour” to london. Also a video of him talking about the meeting and than talking about his moment when he heard about her death.
Princess Diana Tribute and Biography [Remarkable Documentary]
About 11pm on the day she died, Channel 4 began a TV obituary of Diana, Princess of Wales. It was a remarkable piece of programme making, less than 24 hours after her death. It’s also notable for running for almost an hour with no commercials.

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