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Prince Harry Races World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt [Video]
Earlier this year in March, During his visit to Jamaica Prince Harry races World’s Fastest Man Usain lightening Bolt. Prince Harry was representing Queen as he visited Brazil, Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
Prince Harry to Play Tambourine for Official Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Song
Prince Harry is to play tambourine for the Official Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Song by British pop group Take and Military Wives Choir That lead by vocalist Gary Barlow. Prince Harry who is known for his multi talented activities will become the first British Royal who recorded a song on any type.
Prince Harry and Prince William Playing Polo at Audi Polo Challenge [Video]
UK Polo season was kicked off with 10th Audi Polo Challenge. In 2 days of Audi Polo Challenge 500 VIP’s visited the Challenge cup included Gemma Arterton, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Tom Hardy, Anna Friel, Rhys Ifans, Chris O’Dowd, Jesse Eisenberg and many others. Audi Polo Challenge also featured...
Prince William and Prince Harry on 1st Official Visit to Africa [Documentary]
A documentary about Prince William and Prince Harry first official visit together to Africa last year. World media received them with warm welcome and both brothers who are following the footstep of their late mother Princess Diana were very keen and excited about filming and media reporting of their...
Prince Harry Dumped Super Hot Lingerie Model Florence Drudenell-Bruce
Daily Mirror reported that Prince Harry dumped super hot lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce also known as “Flee” to contentrate fully on his current going Apache Helicopter Training Program. And after that Prince Harry will go to Afghanistan.
Prince Harry will become Astronaut Next Year
Not many people know that Prince Harry is a big fan of Star Trek and have desired to go into space since he was young. The Sun reported that Prince Harry is looking for an honorary position with NASA and wants to be an astronaut.
Prince Harry Calls Pippa Middleton “Foxy Filly”
As we all know that Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton flirted with each other during Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding. However, a report show that Prince Harry calls Pippa Middleton “Foxy Filly”.
Prince Harry Declares Himself 100% Single
During Hard Rock Music Festival at Hyde Park London on Friday night, answering to reporters questions, Prince Harry declares himself 100% single and have no girlfriend at the moment.
Prince Harry visited Royal Hospital Chelsea at Founders Day Parade
Third in line to throne 26-year-old prince Harry visited the Royal Hospital in Chelsea last week to mark the opening Ceremony, established in 1862 (200 years ago) by Charles II. Chelsea Pensioners hold their Founders Day parade since the establishment.
Prince Harry Boogie Dance at Barbados for Haiti Victims
Prince Harry doing boogie dance at Barbados during a fund raising campaign for Haiti Victims. Local concert was arranged at Farley Hill National Park on 30th January 2010. Prince Harry isi dancing to a local calypso “somethings happening” preformed by Red Plastic bag.

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