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Prince Harry to Choose Between his Career or Charity Work
Its been said that Prince Harry must have to choose between his career as an officer in Armed forces or Charity Work.
Prince Harry will Play a Charity Polo Match in Barbados for Sentebale
The Royal Prince Harry will play a charity polo match in support to his charity organization, Sentebale, in aid of the orphan and poor children of Lesotho.
Prince Harry planning to participate in Polo Tournament for “Sentebale”
Prince Harry, 25-year-old, is planning to participate in a fund raising polo match for his charity Sentebale to help orphans in Africa.
The girl who inspired Prince Harry is living on 82p a day
Prince Harry was 19-year-old when he visited Lesotho and he was very close to get tears in his eyes when he was told of the dreadful ordeal of a baby girl had suffered. Five-years after that girl is living on 82p a day.