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Prince Harry will become Astronaut Next Year

Prince Harry will become Astronaut Next Year

Not many people know that Prince Harry is a big fan of Star Trek and have desired to go into space since he was young. The Sun reported that Prince Harry is looking for an honorary position with NASA and wants to be an astronaut.

prince-harry-astronautAccording to reports, When Virgin’s Richard Bransons anounced Galactic sub-orbital flight, Prince Harry was very excited. However, the requirements for getting a seat in 430-seats flight are very tough, Prince Harry have to take 1,000hrs training of advanced jet engine flight time to be eligible to get a seat. Its been said Prince Harry will consider for attending the program after end of his next tour to Afghanistan next year. Prince Harry is alreay a pilot and his marks are outstanding in the air.

Also Prince Harry has already done some course like Oceanology and Land and Sea Surveillance. However, He is short of the required degree in Math or Science and his Eton credentials in art and geography are almost zero.

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  2. When you are married?

  3. Yuri Says:

    Harry,we are with you,that was a gooood party in Vegas.wellcom to Russia for next ,after Afganistan visit.


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