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Chelsy Davy Phoned Kate Middleton and Wish Her Good Luck

Chelsy Davy Phoned Kate Middleton and Wish Her Good Luck

Its been reported that Chelsy Davy ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry phoned Prince William’s Fiancee Kate Middleton to wish her Good luck on her engagement and becoming a part of Royal family.

chelsy davy and kate middleton

Quoted from Sun Newspaper, “Chelsy also told Kate Middleton that she would make a beautiful bride”.

A close friend of Chelsy told The Sun last night: “The news of William and Kate’s engagement came totally out of the blue for Chelsy. She was very happy for Kate. Their conversation was short but it was very friendly”.

Her friend added: “Chelsy told Kate she would look beautiful. They were never best friends but their shared experience of dating a prince brought them close.”

Regarding she will be invited for Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding ceremony on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey, Her friend said: “She hated the etiquette that came with dating a Royal and doesn’t miss that side at all. But she’s mixed up about what she does want and still holds a candle for Harry.”

However, St James’s Palace declined to comment.

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